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What is sales according to Jean-Luc Geha?

We would like to highlight Jean-Luc Geha. Jean-Luc is the Associate Director of the Sales Institute HEC Montréal and teaches at the Executive Education.

We asked Jean-Luc what sales means to him and how important it is. Here is his answer:

Sales is an essential business activity, requiring a thorough understanding of the customer’s needs and desires, as well as persuasion and negotiation skills. Sales are the lifeblood of any business, for without them there would be no customers and no revenue. Professional, well-trained salespeople play a crucial role as ambassadors for the company, establishing strong links between it and its customers. They use effective communication techniques to establish a relationship of trust with customers.

It’s essential to understand that relationship selling is not just a one-off transaction, but also encompasses customer loyalty. To ensure long-term success, sales must be supported by exemplary customer service and a satisfying customer experience. By cultivating lasting relationships with customers and ensuring their satisfaction, companies must not only sell, but also build customer loyalty and encourage positive word-of-mouth, thus contributing to the company’s growth and longevity.

Jean-Luc’s biography:

Jean-Luc Geha is the Associate Director of the Sales Institute and Coordinator of the “Essentials in Sales and Business Development” program at the Executive Education of HEC Montréal. He has an extensive and rich experience in business, having held positions in consulting, sales management, and general management. Until recently, he was a visiting professor of marketing at HEC Montréal. Jean-Luc is known for his expertise in sales, contact center management, customer service, and customer experience. His strength lies in his ability to simplify and explain complex concepts, bridging the gap between theory and practice to address the dynamic challenges of the business world.