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Bruno Lussier

Ph. D.
Professeur agrégé
Directeur de l’Institut de vente

Stephan Volpers

Professeur adjoint
Département de marketing
HEC Montréal


Yany Grégoire

Professeur titulaire
Département de marketing
HEC Montréal

When customer love turns into lasting hate: The effects of relationship strength and time on customer revenge and avoidance

Y Grégoire, TM Tripp, R Legoux
Journal of marketing 73 (6), 18-32

Customer betrayal and retaliation: when your best customers become your worst enemies

Y Grégoire, RJ Fisher
Journal of the Academy of Marketing science 36, 247-261

The effects of relationship quality on customer retaliation

Y Grégoire, RJ Fisher
Marketing Letters 17, 31-46

A comprehensive model of customer direct and indirect revenge: Understanding the effects of perceived greed and customer power

Y Grégoire, D Laufer, TM Tripp
Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science 38, 738-758

Service encounters, experiences and the customer journey: Defining the field and a call to expand our lens

CM Voorhees, PW Fombelle, Y Gregoire, S Bone, A Gustafsson, R Sousa
Journal of Business Research 79, 269-280